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What is Body Co?

Body Co is a physique coaching service offering both online and 121 services.

A specialist in bodybuilding and advanced physique development but able to help anyone be their best.

A provider of informative content to help you reach your bodybuilding and physique goals.

The goal is to help self motivated hard working individuals obtain incredible results with their bodies no matter what their budget.

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Never underestimate the value of another set of eyes when you embark on a journey to manipulate your physique. Furthermore experience and knowledge along with that to always keep you heading in the right direction and never second guessing yourself.

You will find the services Body Co provides extremely valuable for all of the following

  • Photoshoot / Event preparation

  • Maximising muscle gain/Off season

  • Contest Prep

  • Taking your training, diet and physique to the next level

  • Obtaining extremely low body fat levels

  • Taking your training, diet and physique to the next level

If you think you are ready to join the Body Co team and take your physique to it’s all time best then keep reading.

Who are the services at Body Co suitable for?

  • Committed, self motivated individuals looking to work hard.

  • Those who have the drive but lack the knowledge to really excel.

  • Experienced novice, intermediate and advanced level trainees.

  • Individuals who desire a high level physique without all the guesswork and research.

Who are the services at Body Co not suitable for?

  • Complete beginners. If you have never trained and/or dieted before or are very inexperienced this is not for you.

  • If you are not willing to make some sacrifices and be open to adjusting your lifestyle and/or training and dieting methods this is not for you.

  • If you are hoping for a magic pill and don’t want to put in hard work this is not for you.

  • Individuals unwilling or unable to partake in weight training. This is fundamental to physique goals.

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All 121 sessions take place at top Wokingham training facility Studio 9 Fitness. This is private training only facility with hand built Watson weight training equipment as well as cardio machines and everything else you will need to achieve your ideal physique. Sign up for a free training session to come and see for yourself.

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Graham Green
Graham is the founder of Body Co. He has been training for well over a decade now. All the while he was researching and experimenting on himself with all manner of training and nutrition protocols. It didn’t take him long to realise he had a real passion for it. For all this time he was obsessively learning and expanding his knowledge on every topic you can think of that relates to training, nutrition and physique development. After many years of this he decided to make his passion his work and become a certified personal trainer and take employment in a gym. After having gained experience working with many people while continuing to expand his knowledge he decided to leave the gym environment and create Body Co physique coaching service. The reason for this is simple. He wanted to use this knowledge, experience and passion to help others achieve their best physique ever.