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Body Co. was founded by Graham Green in order to share his passion for physique development and bodybuilding.  

Graham has been practicing training and dieting for over 15 years. He has put in the time into learning how the body works and accumulating huge amounts of knowledge on training methods and diet practices that your average trainer just won’t have.

It took him many years of researching and experimenting to truly learn how to manipulate the body with weight training and diet to get the best muscle building and fat shredding results. It also took a few years to realise that you do have to make changes to your lifestyle for these things to be effective!

You can see here that he has very successfully put all this into practice and is not just preaching as many trainers do.

Now he is sharing all this knowledge through Body Co. in order to help others build their body via 121 coaching in Wokingham and also online coaching. He focuses on weight training and structured manageable diet plans to achieve your ideal physique. The focus is on building muscle and shredding fat to look incredible. If you want to look your best ever whether that be just for yourself, competing or being in front of the camera Body Co. is 100% for you. For functional fluffy fitness training look elsewhere!