Can You Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat?

There are lots of different ways that you can lose unwanted fat and there are also plenty of ways to gain and increase muscle. But, how can you build muscle without getting fat? Well, throughout this article we will be looking at various different areas of muscle bulking and fat loss, going through different topics such as: clean bulks, lean bulks, dieting and nutrition tips, and more. The below article will help you get a step in the right direction when it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat.

How To Reduce Body Fat Fast?

Fat, we all have it! Even the leanest and healthiest of athletes still have fat. But, we all want less of it! Whether you are overweight and looking to shed a few stone, or a perfect weight just looking to reduce fat to appear more toned and defined. Whatever your situation, the likelihood is that you are probably not happy with the amount of fat you have. But, how can you reduce this fat? And Fast?

Well, one of the best ways to reduce body fat fast is by eating more. That’s right! Eat MORE! If you want to stop putting on fat and lose it instead you will have to make sure that you are regularly eating the right things such as: vegetable, fruits, and naturally fatty foods. Fasting is not an effective way to reduce body fat! In fact, it could have the opposite effect. Now, when we say eat more, of course you can’t just go and chow down on a meal with added fat, sugar and salt! No! Your diet needs to consist of healthy items such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and natural sources of protein. By regularly eating healthy foods, your body will be able to burn off the fat when you work out. Whereas, if you don’t eat often, or eat dishes which are particularly high in fat or sugar, then your body will start to store this as fat as a panic response.

You can also help to reduce body fat by paying attention to your daily intake of liquid calories. Liquid calories are mainly drinks that are high in sugar, salt, or fat. These contain high amounts of calories that will be counterproductive if you are trying to lose fat. Stick to water instead! A typical can of soda contains around 35g of sugar. That is lots of sugar for one drink! Even the diet versions of the drinks aren’t much better, as they contain less fat and sugar but can make your hunger levels go up, making you want to eat more when you shouldn’t really be hungry.

Working out is also an excellent way to shed excess body fat fast! Go all out on a workout when you have the chance. Going all out on a work out can help you lose fat and gain muscle in the process. Every time you go for a workout you should try to beat your previous benchmarks. For example, if you finish 40 burpees in 60 seconds then try reducing the time or increasing the burpee count. There are various different forms of exercise out there that can help you to reduce your body fat quickly, whether that simply be a run, an hour in the gym, or a more modern workout such as HIIT, which is supposedly one of the quickest ways to burn body fat.

The reality is, to burn body fat fast you have to be committed to a healthy lifestyle, only consuming fresh fruit and vegetables, natural sources of protein, and avoiding any foods with excessively high levels of fat, sugar and salt. Exercise is also vital if you are looking to reduce body fat fast.

Can You Gain Muscle But Lose Weight?

Gaining muscle and losing weight are two very different things but still closely related in many ways, for example, the amount of effort you have to put in to each.

In order to gain muscle you will want to start bulking! Whether that be a clean bulking diet or a lean bulking diet! Bulking is the process of increasing your calories to a point where you are consuming more calories than you are burning off, which goes towards building more muscle mass. A clean bulk is a form of bulking which ensures you don’t just increase your body fat! A clean bulk focuses on regulating your calories intake and also getting the most calories out of nutritious food. A lean bulk is very similar to a clean bulk in that you will be trying to consume as many calories and as much protein as possible from healthy and nutritious sources. Both a clean and lean bulk are a complete contrast from a dirty bulk, where fat is not a concern, and people will eat items like pizza, Ice cream and foods that are generally high in calories and fat, in order to increase muscle mass, but also FAT!

Working out regularly also has a huge part to play in building muscle mass, especially weights and strength training!

Gaining muscle consists of bulk dieting and constant and consistent workouts. This means eating more than you regularly would to put on mass and working out as much as possible. If you eat enough and workout regularly you will slowly see results, but patience is key. You should also make sure that you eat before you work out, this will give you more energy to carry on working out. Working out is a great way to simultaneously burn your fat and gain muscle.

You don’t want to lose any of the muscle that you already have so you would need to diet carefully, to make sure you don’t burn the wrong body mass. Additionally, working out will also help you when trying to lose weight as it will burn calories and strengthen the muscles in your body.

How Fast Can You Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle?

There are various different things that come into play when trying to quickly lose fat. Everyone’s body works differently so you have to find out more about yourself and what works best for you. One of the factors that you should consider is the hormone levels in your body. If you have a higher testosterone level, then that can boost muscle growth and help burn fat. You can boost testosterone levels by getting lots of vitamin D, getting a good amount of rest, and avoiding estrogen-like compounds such as estrogen creams and foods.

You should try to eat as regularly as possible and only healthy food items, for example, fruit, vegetables, and natural sources of protein. Make sure that you create a meal plan that ensures you get enough protein and notorious foods, because when you work out you will be burning lots of calories. You want to be consuming more calories a day than you are burning, to ensure an increase in muscle mass. This will ensure that you are maintaining the muscle while losing fat fast in the process.

As mentioned above, everyone’s body is different and works differently. Depending on various factors, you will lose fat quicker or slower just depending on you and your body. If you increase the frequency of working out the body will be forced to burn more fat more frequently. Having a healthy recovery after a workout can also help keep the muscle, but lets the workout burn off the fat.

How To Gain Muscle Mass Without Gaining Too Much Fat?

When looking to gain muscle mass without gaining too much fat, one of the main things to worry about is a calorie surplus in a diet. Most of the time, if you are looking to do a clean bulk, then you won’t have to worry! But, if you are dirty bulking then you might find it hard to gain muscle without gaining fat. Another important element when looking to gain muscle without gaining too much fat is to make sure to do the right type of workout. It doesn’t matter if you clean bulk, lean bulk or dirty bulk, if you don’t do the right workouts then you won’t be able to burn off fat efficiently. Even though a workout is important for reducing fat, gaining mass is all dependent on how well you can either do a clean bulk or a lean bulk.

Gaining muscle without gaining too much fat isn’t impossible, but it can be tricky! You need to make sure that your diet is absolutely perfect and that you are working out enough, ensuring that your increased intake converts into muscle mass!

If you want to build muscle and lose fat you need to start off with some sort of foundation. The way of building the foundation is with some form of bulking. Whether it’s clean bulking or lean bulking, both of these options give you an opportunity to build muscle, while not gaining too much fat.

So, How Can You Really Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat?

One of the biggest culprits for stopping healthy muscle mass growth is lack of a nutritious diet, or “dirty bulking”. It’s a bad option to go for because of how much fat you put on while you gain muscle mass. Its much better and a safer option to go for a more traditional muscle bulking practise such as a clean bulk or lean bulk. Lean bulking is a good option because it limits the amount of fat you intake to a bare minimum, and helps you to put on lean mass. Lean bulking is also there to help build muscle without fat because of the way the diet is set up.

If you want to lose fat, one of the easiest ways is by dieting since you are what you eat, if you constantly eat fatty foods you will gain the fat. This can also be a result of a calorie surplus which can also make you put on fat faster than you can burn it. Try to lose any unwanted fat before you start bulking because it makes the whole process of putting on mass easier.

In conclusion, there are different ways that you can gain muscle and mass whilst losing fat. Make sure you try to lose fat before you start bulking because it will help you in the long run. There are various methods when it comes to bulking and losing weight, all of which are very different to one another and have different results. If you want to find out more about how you can gain muscle mass without gaining fat, then get in touch with Body Co today. Body Co are a leading physique coaching service offering both online and 121 services. Discover more about Body Co…

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